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dog waste bags

Like most dog owners in cities, we find a lot of our time is devoted to walking our dogs and picking up after them. Which is fine, we love the little guys.

It’s a boring existence at times. Our rewards are limited to dog kisses and warm snuggles, which in and of themselves is quite rewarding, but we thought there had to be a way to make it more fun while also being better for community and our environment.

We tried to find dog waste bags that were both affordable and environmentally responsible. There are a few. So we stuck to the compostable, earth friendly bags. Which were great for a time.

But they were missing a few things. These bags end up in landfills. Landfills aren’t designed for compostable materials. They compact everything, preventing oxygen from getting to them. Which makes it hard for them to break down.

So, you ask why the dog sh*t business? Okay, so maybe you didn’t ask, but we’ll tell you anyway. We’ve created bags from bio-based starches and recycled material. We’re not creating new materials that never degrade, we’re using already existing materials to reduce how much goes into the landfills.

To put it simply, we thought we could do it better.

Let us know what you think.
Pooper Scooper

Ashley Spitz

A California girl, born and raised. Devoted her life to helping others through her career in non-profits and her charity work as Ryan's wife.

Dog Walker

Ryan Riley

A Texas transplant who has to hide his accent so no one in LA judges him. Met Ashley when they were Peace Corps volunteers in West Africa.

The Queen

Bliss Spitz-Riley

Discovered online in a hotel in Lake Placid. Bliss was a total honeymoon baby. Adopted her the week after we returned. We've regretted it ever since.


Stewart Malcolm Riley

Bliss needed a friend. We chose Stewart because he looks like he could be her brother. He's scared of everything. Including his farts.